Da Vinci's Game; A Creativity-Inducing Game

Da Vinci's Game; A Creativity-Inducing Game

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Leonardo Da Vinci is considered one of the most creative people that has ever lived.

Da Vinci was born with artistic talent, yes, but he also lived by a set of habits that he swore made him more creative.

Among many other things, Da Vinci cultivated in himself a childlike sense of wonder, a curiosity for learning for its own sake, and an openness to all forms of creativity.

He also abhorred perfectionism and, long before humans understood the connection between the hands and both sides of the brain, he knew that using both his hands interchangeably improved his art and imagination.

This game explores Da Vinci’s habits and challenges players to use them in daily life. Over the course of the game, which can last weeks or months, players encourage one another to explore their innovative side.

If you want your team to be more creative and develop innovative solutions to problems, you need this game. It does not take up their productive time and awakens creativity, even in those who insist they are “not creative.”