An Hour of Play Starter Kit

An Hour of Play Starter Kit

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An Hour of Play has created a play and games kit for organizational teams and leaders. This kit contains strategies, tools and games to make planning, tasks and meetings more effective through play. The kit presents the 15 types of play, the eight outputs of play, and nine actionable strategies for creating an affirming and inclusive culture within your workplace through play.

Who Should Have This Kit?

Organizational leaders who want to improve productivity, engagement, employee retention and win the respect and loyalty of their teams.

Professionals who want to gain an emerging business advantage that is reliable, accessible to all people from all cultures, and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Human resources professionals and change managers who want to add a valuable skill set to their resume.

Trainers, coaches, and adult educators who want to transform programs to more exciting, impactful, and memorable learning experiences.

Change and innovation consultants who want a powerful new tool for inspiring and engaging clients.

Anyone tired of trying to prevent work from creeping into their lives, and instead want to bring some life into their work.