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How it all began

An Hour of Play began eight years ago when founder, Michele Rochon, began researching the effects of play in the workplace.

Rochon came across the quote from Plato: you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation, and wondered first, is it true, and second, why? What is it about play that supercharges creativity and human connection?

Through hundreds of workshops and behavioral experiments, Rochon discovered that play has endless applications in adult learning, engagement, restoring workplace morale, and stimulating creativity. She continued studying its effects, and developed a variety of play and games for use in organizational settings.

An Hour of Play's online store opened in January 2019, and made these and many more tools available to interested teams and individuals. We continue to grow our catalog through the experiences of our team and those of users. This has truly become a community effort, as people around the world discover the power of play in business.  Now we accept proposals from our customers who have developed workplace play and games of their own and want to offer them to the world. The global play ethic can only grow from here!

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